DNA Jewelry - Logistics

45-50 minutes


Each student needs:

  • 20 alphabet beads (6-7 mm) with the letters A, C, G, and/or T. Available for very reasonable prices ($2.00 for a bag of 100 beads) from Enterprise Art Item #1299011 (A), #1299013 (C), #1299013 (G), #1299030 (T)
  • 40 colored beads (6-7 mm) to represent phosphates. See Enterprise Art ($2.19 for a bag of 1000) Item #100420 (red).
  • 40 colored beans (6-7 mm) to represent sugars. See Enterprise Art ($2.19 for a bag of 1000) Item #100463 (turquoise).
  • 20-30 seed beads in assorted colors to represent hydrogen bonds. See Enterprise Art ($1.99 for 75 grams of assorted seed beads) Item #144117.
  • 40 cm of beading wire (26-28 gauge). See Enterprise Art ($2.54 per spool) Item #430602 (silver).
  • Optional: earring hooks, Christmas ornament wires, wire loops for pendants, key rings, etc. See Enterprise Art ($2.54 for 48 fishhook earring hooks) Item #144202 (silver).

Groups of 4-6 students need:

  • Small condiment cups and trays on which to organize and set out materials.
  • Wire cutters. (Do not use scissors! They will be ruined.)


Teacher Background
See Teacher Background in Paper DNA Models Lesson.

Student Prerequisites
Good understanding of DNA structure. See Paper DNA Models Lesson.