4. DNA Models - Logistics

30 minutes to cut DNA model pieces (It is possible to assign each student a sheet of puzzle pieces to cut out as homework the night before.)
20 minutes to assemble puzzle
10 minutes to tape puzzle together
10-20 minutes to discuss DNA structure and the discovery of the DNA structure

Individual students gradually linking their puzzles together to create a long strand.


  • Scissors
  • Copies of puzzle pieces, each on a different colored paper. For a group of 30 students you will need:
    • 4 copies each of A, C, T, and G
    • 8-9 copies of P
    • 11-12 copies each of S-deoxyribose
  • Several rolls of Scotch tape.
  • Optional: several rolls of 2” packing tape (use if you want to “laminate” the models for display).
  • Bins or trays on which to keep the puzzle pieces. One for every 4-6 students.