1. Is it alive? - Getting Ready

Getting Ready
Glue monsters demo:

  1. Place a Petri dish half full of water on the overhead projector.
  2. Set aside a small dish of pencil shavings or black pepper.
  3. Try the demo yourself first, rehearsing the “release” of the “monsters” into the dish and their “feeding” with pepper or pencil shavings.
  4. Optional: wrap the tube of glue in paper or keep it in a brown paper bag so that students cannot tell what the “monsters” really are.

Alive or not alive card sorting:

  1. Copy sorting cards onto cardstock paper.
  2. Cut the cards apart.
  3. Place cards in an envelope.
  4. Optional: include some extra blank cards for students to add their own items to the set.

Characteristics of life list:

  1. Set out butcher paper or flip chart paper and markers.