8. Bird Beak Buffet - Getting Ready

Getting Ready

  1. Purchase beans, cups and plastic utensils.
  2. Make copies of the Bird Beak student handout for each student.
  3. Make copies of the Bird Beak data tables. For each class that will do the activity you should have 3 copies of “_____-Billed Bird Population Data” and 1 copies of “Bean Population Data”. Attach these data tables to the 4 clipboards.
  4. On the 3 “_____-Billed Bird Population Data” clipboards, fill in the blanks with “Fork”, “Spoon”, and “Blade”.
  5. For each class or students, count out 100 red, 100 black, and 100 white beans and mix them together in a ziplock bag or cup.
  6. Optional: mark the feeding ground boundaries with tape or string.