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The guiding mission behind MyScienceBox is that teachers should have free access to the best hands-on, classroom tested, science lessons. At MyScienceBox you will curriculum units that I have developed ...

The guiding mission behind MyScienceBox is that teachers should have free access to the best hands-on, classroom tested, science lessons. At MyScienceBox you will curriculum units that I have developed and tested in my own middle school classroom as well as teaching boxes and individual lessons created by other teachers. A flyer describing MyScienceBox in more detail can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

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To access worksheets from the various workshops I have led, follow these links:

NSTA 2006

CSTA 2006

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Can I download a copy of a lesson to my computer?

Absolutely! Just go to the summary page of the lesson you are interested in. You should find a Microsoft Word (.doc) attachment at the bottom of the page. Click on that and the entire lesson plan should download to your computer. Please respect the copyright. Tell others that the idea came from Irene Salter and don't sell the lesson.

Can I modify the lessons and assignments?

Of course! Feel free to modify the content for your own students and needs. Download the attached Microsoft Word documents and change them around to your heart's content. Please come back to MySciceneBox later to let us know what you did and how it went.

Can I post comments about a lesson?

Please do! Other teachers (myself included) would love to know your thoughts and ideas. However, you do need to create a username and register in order to post comments. To create a profile for yourself, click on the "create new account" link below the login area on the left hand side of any page.

How do I add lessons of my own?

Adding lessons to My Science Box (in 7 easy steps):

  1. Make sure you are logged into your account then click the "create content" button on the left side of the page below your username.
  2. Select "book page".
  3. Enter a title for your page.
  4. The "Parent" pull down menu files your lesson in a hierarchical menu system. For instance, Irene's lessons are organized with a larger "box" with lessons inside. Each lesson is in turn broken down into subsections: an overview, logistics, background, lesson plan, etc. Initially, you will want to put your teaching box under the Drop Box. After that, you can file additional pages within your own section of the Drop Box.
  5. Use the "Categories" pull down menus to categorize your lessons so other teachers can find them.
  6. In the "Body" section, enter any text you wish or cut and paste from another application. The icons at the bottom of the window allow you to format your text just like a word processor. Mouse over them to learn what each icon allows you to do.
  7. When you are done, click "submit" and your lesson is LIVE ON THE WEB! Congratulations


How do I print a copy of a lesson plan?

Go to the summary page for the lesson plan (the one with the summary, objectives and vocabulary). At the bottom of the page, click on "printer-friendly version". Then print from your web browser.

What is a "teaching box"?

The "teaching box" is an organizational tool used by teachers around the world. It's the accumulation of ideas, materials, and lessons around a particular topic that you can pull off a shelf and find everything you need to teach about that topic. In the non-virtual classroom, a teaching box takes the form of a cardboard box full of materials and papers. Sometimes it takes the form of a binder crammed with notes, ideas, and lesson plans. The teaching boxes you'll find at My Science Box hopefully provide you with everything you need to teach a unit: lesson plans, assessments, field trip planning materials, resources and tips.

Where are the attachments?

Attachments are found at the bottom of the top-most summary/overview page for that lesson. There you will find a Microsoft Word copy of the lesson as well as student handouts, teacher overheads, etc.

Which state or national standards are your lessons aligned with?

Since I teach in California, all the lessons on this web site are aligned with the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools. Someday, I hope to add the alignment to the National Science Standards.