3. Katrina Case Study - Getting Ready

Getting Ready
For Subsidence Demonstration

  1. Make 3-4 hole-punch sized holes in the bottom of the cup or tray.
  2. Cut a square of cheesecloth to cover the holes.
  3. Add a 4 inch layer of soil.
  4. Put the tray inside the larger basin to catch any runoff. Water the soil until water just begins to drip out the holes in the bottom.
  5. Use the hand trowel to fluff the soil slightly and then smooth the top surface so that it is mostly even.
  6. Use a piece of masking tape to mark the top of the soil. Match the bottom edge of the tape to the top of the soil.
  7. Fill the watering can about halfway with water.
  8. In the pitcher or second watering can, create a mixture of soil and water - approximately 1 cup soil for 2 parts water. Stir.

For Video

  1. Open PBS’s NOW website on the computer you plan to use. Click on “Watch the Video”.
  2. Preview the video now or pause it to be ready to go when the kids arrive.