5. From Maps to Models - Getting Ready

Getting Ready

  • Gather a set of topographic maps for students to examine.
  • Display a raised relief map if you have one.
  • Gather materials for making clay models: clay and transparency film
  • Gather materials for making topo maps from models: transparency film, fine-tip marker, plastic container with clear lid, pitcher of blue water, and ruler
  • Gather materials for making models from topo maps: 2 copies of a topo map, scissors, ruler, markers, and one (or more) of the following:
    • 7-8 clear, stacking salad tray tops (available at Smart and Final or other restaurant supply stores)
    • 3-4 sheets cardstock paper and a lemon sized ball of clay
    • 3-4 sheets of EVA foam
    • 1 fist-sized lump of Plasticine clay
    • You will want to try this activity yourself before you do it with the students. The model you make from the topo map can serve as an example for your students to emulate.