Sediment Study - Getting Ready

Getting Ready
For sediment study at the creek:

  1. Contact the proper authorities/property owners/neighbors to obtain permission to bring your students to your chosen survey site.
  2. Copy Sediment Study Directions.
  3. Prepare “creek kits” with: paper towels, spoon or small hand trowel, hand lens or magnifying glass, 4 meter length of string tied into a knot every 1 meter, skewers, ruler, timer, film canisters, Sharpie marker, masking tape, and gloves
  4. Prepare teacher bag.
  5. Arrange transportation to and from the survey site.
  6. Display the topographic map showing the creek you will be studying.

For classroom analysis:

  1. Prepare soil separation station with: 15 ml tubes, alum, ruler, labels, spoons, and directions
  2. Copy Data Summary Sheets for students to summarize their data and post for everyone to view.
  3. On a bulletin board, wall, or at the top of the front whiteboard/chalkboard, create 3 areas for students to post their Data Summary Sheets.