TAC Experiment - Getting Ready

Getting Ready

  1. Make copies of the “TAC Experiment Checklist”, either to hand out to each student or to display as an overhead.

Setting up the experiments

  1. Have your students empty out their old terraqua columns and rise the containers
  2. Prepare new wicks (1-2 cm wide strip of old cotton towel)
  3. Set out soil, hand trowels, seeds and graduated cylinders
  4. At this point, you should have an idea of what each group intends to do. Make sure that each group has the materials they need OR provide the materials for them.

Making observations and recording results

  1. Each day you plan to make observations, have pH paper, rulers, dissolved oxygen test kits, and thermometers available
  2. Optional: set out microscope(s) and glass slides

Presenting the results

  1. Optional: set out poster making supplies – posterboard, markers, scissors, and glue sticks