6. Geologic Timelines - Assessment


  1. This is a good time for a short quiz on the geologic time scale. Have students use their geologic time scales to find information. For example:
    • The __________________________ is an outline of the major events in the earth's history. The largest grouping of time is a __________________. The next largest grouping of time is a __________________.
    • Describe the forms of life that were around 190 million years ago.
    • The first mammals appeared during the _________________ period in the __________________ era and ___________________eon.
  2. Watch the movie “Ice Age” and critique the scientific inaccuracies in it using your geologic time scale.

Going Further

  1. The Kentucky Geological Survey provides a fantastic list of ideas for how to modify this activity to create timeline showing the geologic time scale down a hallway, using calendars, across a school gym, using toilet paper, etc.
  2. Study fossils. Learn about how fossils form (see Fossil Adventure lesson). Go on a archaeological dig. Go to a museum with fossils. Study the Mesozoic era and the rise and fall of dinosaurs (kids love dinosaurs).