1. Human Traits - Getting Ready

Getting Ready
Day 1 - Introduction

  1. Make copies of the "Human Traits Survey" handout.
  2. Set out rulers, meter sticks and/or measuring tape.

Day 2 - Collect and organize data

  1. Fill out the "Human Traits Survey" for yourself.
  2. Create 4 large graphs on which to draw histograms of the "Traits measured in centimeters" data. Students will be placing a sticker onto the chart for each person surveyed, eventually creating a bell curve distribution for each trait. The y axis for each trait should be labeled "Number of people".
    • Hand span - Label the x axis between 1-30 cm.
    • Reaction time - Label the x axis between 1-30 cm.
    • Reach - Label the x axis between 150-280 cm in 5 cm units.
    • Broad jump - Label the x axis between 80-220 cm in 10 cm units.
  3. Create a summary table on which to synthesize the population data for the "Yes or no/multiple choice traits". Students will put a tally mark beside the applicable trait for each person surveyed.
  4. Cut the sheets of sticky dots into smaller sheets with 12 dots per sheet. If you are using multi-colored dots, make sure there are 3 dots of each color per sheet.
  5. Write your name (or initials) on 4 dots. Plot those dots onto the histograms where your own data falls.
  6. Place a tally mark beside each of your traits on the summary table.