4. Pond Water - Logistics

Creek visit: 5 min introduction 30 min at the creek traveling time to creek and back varies Pond water investigation: 10 min introduction to the proper use and handling of microscopes and slide preparation 30-40 min exploration 10 min wrap up discussion

2 students

Creek visit:

  • Small jar or bottle with a sealable lid.
  • Optional: 1-2 plankton nets (available for $75 from Science Kit and Boreal Labs OR make your own with panty hose, string, duct tape, a wire coat hanger, and a film canister at The Plankton Net. Plankton nets will greatly increase the number of organisms that you collect although you can simply squeeze the water from water plants, dead leaves, and pond scum into a container.

Pond Water investigation:

For each pair of students:

  • 1 eye dropper
  • 1 depression glass slide (set of 12 approximately $8 from Science Kit and Boreal Labs or Proaquatica)
  • 1 microscope (alternatives to compound microscopes are available on the Sources page)

For whole class to share:

  • water sample(s)
  • paper towels

Creek visit: nearby creek, pond, lake, bay or other body of water. Plankton are most commonly observed and collects from water that is fairly still and that has a growth of algae either on the surface or on the rocks and detritus near the bank.

Pond water investigation: classroom