DNA Jewelry - Sources and Standards

This activity was adapted from a DNA earring design by Karen Kalamuck of the Exploratorium Teacher Institute and from the “Modeling DNA, the Code of Life” activity by the RAFT Education Department. I recently discovered another write up for this activity by Catherine Ross .

Grade 7
2. A typical cell of any organism contains genetic instructions that specify its traits. Those traits may be modified by environmental influences. As a basis for understanding this concept:
e.    Students know DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material of living organisms and is located in the chromosomes of each cell.

Grades 9-12
5. The genetic composition of cells can be altered by incorporation of exogenous DNA into the cells. As a basis for understanding this concept:
a. Students know the general structures and functions of DNA, RNA, and protein.
Students know how to apply base-pairing rules to explain precise copying of DNA during semiconservative replication and transcription of information from DNA into mRNA.