3. Testing for Life - Getting Ready

Getting Ready

  1. Order materials.
  2. Set up testing stations. It is recommended that the activity be arranged so that no more than 6 students (2 groups) share any given station. Thus, you may need to set up 2 of each type of testing station and position them strategically about the room.
  3. The protein station needs – gloves, Biuret solution, 2-4 eye droppers, milk, protein test station directions
  4. The starch station needs – iodine tincture, 2-4 eyedroppers, cornstarch solution, starch test station directions
  5. The glucose station needs – gloves, Benedict’s solution, 2-4 eyedroppers, glucose solution, glucose test station directions, hot water bath, access to boiling water
  6. Set up test tube racks with 4 test tubes per rack
  7. Set out test solutions and beakers
  8. Set out eyedroppers
  9. Set out labeling tape and permanent markers