Towers - Logistics

At least 2 hours to build structures and 5 minutes to test each one.

Groups of 2-4 students.

Each group of students needs:

  • 1 cardboard base (approximately 25 cm by 25 cm)
  • 30 straws
  • 100 paper clips (one box)
  • 20 straight pins
  • 2 meters of string

The class needs:

  • 10-20 sandbags consisting of 250 grams sand in a sandwich sized ziplock bag. The bag should be taped into a sausage shaped cylinder for rigidity and ease of mounting onto the towers.
  • 1 earthquake tower testing platform with a movable platform connected to a rigid frame by rubber bands, springs, or a motor. Several designs may be found in the Sources section.
  • 4 large binder clips to secure the cardboard bases to the shake table platform.