Fighting for Foxes - Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

  1. Tell students that they are going to read an article about channel island foxes from the a recent issue of Smithsonian magazine then answer some reading questions. Draw notice to the instructions on the board.
  2. Go around the room having one student read aloud for a paragraph or a few sentences. You may want to point out information relevant to creating the food chain and food web when it appears so students are reminded to unerline those sections.
  3. Stop after the description of the bald eagles and DDT contamination. Have students read the first question on their questions sheet and give them a few minutes to create a food chain for the bald eagle. Encourage them to work together if they need help. You may want to discuss some of the food chains that students created and write an example up on the board.
  4. When everyone has had an opportunity to write down something, continue reading as a group. Stop after the description of the golden eagle diet. Have students read the second question on the reading questions page.
  5. Ask students if there is enough information about golden eagles to create a food web? What other information is needed? Ask for volunteers to use the field guides to find out more information about golden eagles and Channel Island foxes. Write the information on the board.
  6. When students have gathered enough information, give students 10-15 minutes to create a food web for the golden eagle. If they are having trouble, tell them to start with the “channel island fox” in the middle of their page. Write the names of what the fox eats above it and write the names of what eats the fox below it. Draw arrows to represent relationships.
  7. Before reading any more, have students read question 3 and answer it based on their food webs.
  8. Finish reading the article together. Give students 10-15 minutes to answer the remaining questions or assign those questions for homework.