Evolution Box Block Plan

Week 1 - Pretrip

Monday - Observation Mariposas in the classroom, camouflaging into the room, see whose lasts the longest between 6th and 7th grade.   

Tuesday - Observation Activity Reciprocal teaching from old textbook section on two theories at play  Lamarck and Darwin   

Wednesday - Day in the life of Darwin/ Scientist post Boat to pre publishing. Using observations and note taking. See United Streaming for video, interactive video watching.   

Thursday - Quiz on two theories, Set up Journal for next week.   

Friday - At school adaptation lab/ adaptation, pull it in with the butterflies at the beginning of the week.

Week 2 - Point Reyes Field Trip

Monday - Driving in the morning
•    Bear Valley center and rotate through visitor center
•    Earthquake trail
•    Miwok village

Tuesday - Learning to Observe:
•    Unnatural Trail
•    At camp adaptations games, like Scrub jay and tit mouse.
•    Solo hike Hidden Valley Trail
•    If clear star night or camp fire    

Wednesday - Morning Hike to the Tide Pools
•    Look at adaptations of Tidal Animals at different zones, a lot of note taking.  
•    professor hike organisms and how they interact with each other
•     Ideas for animal to live in Pt Reyes.      

Thursday - Drive to the Light House
•    Visit the light house
•    Visit calving area, Adaptations by elephant seals
•    Predation and population control game, Oh deer, and coyote and rabbit.
•    Campfire at beach    

Friday - Pack and come home
•    Break down and clean camp
•    Closing circle at the beach
•    Drive back to Gridley 

Week 3 - Clean up and pull it all together

Monday & Tuesday - Extinction and the role it plays in evolution
•    Timeline of major extinctions
•    “What if” no extinctions
•    Catastrophes    Continuation of yesterday  

Wednesday - Use of fossils, geology and comparative anatomy (use whales in comparative anatomy)

Have them write a letter after partner reading the text defending the evolution of whales from a land mammal to the water.    

Thursday - Work on Animals from Point Reyes, and where they will be in 1 million years    

Friday - Quiz on extinction and three clues of evolution. Journals due. Animals due next week. Go into Human evolution.