4. My Time

This simple lesson gets students accustomed to reading a Geologic Time Scale and understanding the organization of the information contained in it by creating a Personal Time Scale using events from their own lives. Students list major life events then arrange them by relative time. Then, based on whatever organizational scheme makes the most sense to them, they divide their lives into eons. Each eon is divided into eras and each era into periods. Students can then view events in their own life with events in the history of Earth. In addition, they learn the difference between relative time (whether one event came before another) and absolute time (how many years ago something happened).

Can organize personal events into a format similar to the Geologic Time Scale
Can read information presented in the format of a Geologic Time Scale
Can explain the difference between relative and absolute time

Geologic time scale
Relative time
Absolute time

4. My Time - Logistics

4. My Time - Background

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