8. Ecosystem Organization - Assessments

Use a quick quiz the following day to test vocabulary retention. For example:

Match the example to the correct word. Write the letter of the correct word in the blank beside the example.

a) ecosystem
b) community
c) biome
d) individual
e) population
f) biosphere 

____    Rosie the rattlesnake                   
____    rattlesnakes, mice, small birds, crickets, grass, hawks, cacti, and tumbleweed               
____    the entire planet Earth                   
____    the community, the water, the air, the rocks, the soil, and the mountains
____    a desert
____    all the rattlesnakes in the area

Going Further


  1. Return to the Field Guide produced from the Food Web activity to discuss and further investigate the community, ecosystem and biome represented by the organisms in the field guide.
  2. Research the Biosphere 2 project in which 5 biomes are replicated in an airtight facility in Arizona. Why was this center built? What scientific questions can be discovered? How is Biosphere 2 similar to Biosphere 1 (the real planet Earth)? How is it different?