Evolution Assessment

Performance Tasks

  • Students will be able to design an organism that could live in Pt Reyes, both today and what adaptations it would need in order to live there in one million years.
  • Students will be able to observe and note many different organisms, taking motes and illustrating adaptations that organism uses to live in its particular habitat.  
  • Students will be able to predict outcomes of organisms if specific catastrophes, phenomena take place in their environment.
  • Students will know the causes of extinctions and the important role they play in the natural selection of organisms on this planet.
  • Students will feel comfortable using the vocabulary associated with natural selection, adaptations, extinctions and evolution in their discussions, journaling and letters.

Other Evidence

  • Journal their experiences and observations of their Pt Reyes trip.
  • Write a response to a “journal article” or claim made by a “scientist” (I put these in quotes, because I may have to make up a scientist with a claim and then have them refute it.)
  • Cornell Notes on evolution and the two theories (Lamarck and Darwin).
  • Animal created to live in a Pt. Reyes habitat, along with its future self.
  • Formal quiz on vocabulary, cloze style quiz.

Students Self-Assessment and Reflection

  • Self assess their thoughts and experiences in their journal.
  • Self assess their animal they made for Point Reyes.