Lesson Drop Box


Share your best hands-on lessons and teaching ideas with your fellow teachers!

This megabox contains lesson plans, teaching tips, and resources created by classroom teachers and educators from around the globe. Whereas the other "boxes" on this website are one teacher's collection of materials, lesson plans, background information and ideas needed to teach a set of lessons on a certain topic. Click here to learn more about teaching boxes. This Lesson Drop Box provides a repository for all those "other" ideas that don't yet fit nicely into a tidy curriculum unit.

The guiding mission behind MyScienceBox is that teachers should have
free access to the best hands-on, classroom tested, science lessons.
Every time science teachers introduce new content into their
repertoire, they should not be required to reinvent the wheel by
designing new activities, scaffolding lessons, and creating new
assessment materials that hundreds of teachers elsewhere have done. So
add your ideas to the site and open your own teaching boxes to teachers
everywhere! It's easy!

How to add lessons to My Science Box (in 7 easy steps):

  1. Make sure you are logged into your account (or create a new account) then click the "create content" button on the left side of the page below your username.
  2. Select "book page".
  3. Enter a title for your page.
  4. The
    "Parent" pull down menu files your lesson in a hierarchical menu
    system. For instance, Irene's lessons are organized with a larger "box"
    with lessons inside. Each lesson is in turn broken down into
    subsections: an overview, logistics, background, lesson plan, etc.
    Initially, you will want to put your teaching box under the Lessons
    Drop Box. After that, you can file additional pages within your box.
  5. Use the "Categories" pull down menus to categorize your lessons so other teachers can find them.
  6. In
    the "Body" section, enter any text you wish or cut and paste from
    another application. The icons at the bottom of the window allow you to
    format your text just like a word processor. Mouse over them to learn
    what each icon allows you to do.
  7. When you are done, click "submit" and your lesson is LIVE ON THE WEB! Congratulations!