Forces and Motion - Assessment Ideas

Performance tasks:

  • Other-worldly sports – Students create a poster illustrating how their favorite sport might look on a planet of their choosing, explaining how differences in gravity and atmosphere could affect the forces on players of the sport and sports equipment
  • Newtonian vehicle – Design and build a self-propelling vehicle, including schematics showing the forces on the stationary and moving vehicle and a written explanation of how the vehicle demonstrates Newton’s laws

Other evidence:

  • Quiz – Types of forces
  • Quiz – Newton’s laws
  • Prompt – Explain why a rock and a feather fall at the same rate on the moon, but not on Earth.  Explain why a golf ball hit on the moon flies farther than it would on Earth.
  • Prompt – Newton’s third law of motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Imagine a horse and a cart.  If the horse pulls on the cart, and the cart pulls on the horse, why don’t the two forces cancel out?
  • Skill check – Draw qualitative free-body diagrams showing forces on stationary and moving objects

Student self-assessment and reflection:

  • Self-assess the other-worldly sports poster
  • Self-assess Newtonian vehicle
  • Reflect on original answers to pre-unit anticipation guide