2. Plate Patterns - Assessment


  1. Collect students’ color coded maps.
  2. Assign a plate puzzle as homework where students cut out, assemble, and label the Earth’s tectonic plates. My favorite tectonic plates puzzle is produced by the USGS/NPS. (download a copy of the “Plates Puzzle 1 and 2” from the USGS/NPS website under PDF documents).

Going Further

  1. Investigate and build models of different types of plate boundaries. See the Sea Floor Spreading activity and the Evidence for Plate Tectonics activity.
  2. Read excerpts from the booklet “This Dynamic Earth” which explains the theory of plate tectonics in greater detail. See the Sources section for how to get a copy.
  3. Research the recent discoveries of deep ocean life near the mid-ocean ridges.
  4. Use Google Earth to visit volcanoes and earthquake regions around the world! Download Google Earth then install volcano layers from the Smithsonian and visit the 1906 Earthquake in San Francisco courtesy of USGS.