Chemical Reactions - Assessment Ideas

Performance Tasks:

Closed Chemistry- Design and build a closed structure in which a chemical reaction can occur.  You will present your demonstration to the class providing evidence for conservation of mass.  The presentation should include a poster of the balanced chemical equation for your reaction.

Model Mania
- Using a poster, create a balanced chemical equation display with atom molecule cut-outs.  The exhibit should include at least 5 examples of balanced equations and written formulas.

Other Evidence:

  • Quiz- The key terms and the difference between chemical and physical reactions.
  • Skill Check- Read and interpret graphs of various chemical reactions.
  • Work Sample- Create a chart that lists several examples of physical versus chemical changes that occur naturally around us.
  • Prompt- If you were hired as a fire fighter, what methods would you use to combat fires?

Student Self-Assessment and Reflection:

  • Self-assess the demonstration lesson, Closed Chemistry.
  • Self-assess the chemical equation display, Model Mania.
  • At the beginning of the unit the students are asked to complete a warm-up activity entitled, “What I know about chemical reactions and conservation of matter.”  At the end of the unit, the same warm-up is returned to the student and the class reflects on what facts they have added to their knowledge base.