Rotten Log Lab - Going Further

Going Further
Another cool termite trick… Did you know that termites mistake the smell of a Bic pen for a pheromone that they use to navigate? Pheromones are chemicals that communicates a message to other members of the same species. Although humans do have pheromones, termites and other social insects communicate extensively through these chemical messages. Termite workers indicate the path to a food source by leaving behind a trail-pheromone. A chemical in Bic pens (not other pens for some reason) mimics the trail-pheromone. If you draw a line with a Bic pen on paper then place a termite on the line, the termite will faithfully follow the line wherever it leads. Try drawing curly-Qs and other shapes. See what happens when a termite hits a crossroads. Try pens by other manufacturers. Try different colors of Bic pen.