Project - Sediment Study

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In this culminating project, students go out into the field and test their theories about erosion and sedimentation at a local creek. How are sediments distributed along the creek? Does it vary by location (the source, mid-stream, and the mouth)? Does it vary by the velocity of the current? Different classes can collect information for the different study areas. At a study site, they will draw maps, measure the velocity of the current, and collect sediment samples from the creek bed. These samples are analysed back in the classroom for the percent of different sediments they contain. Finally, students stand back and examine their data to try to make sense of the sediments they find. If it is not possible to bring students to a creek, there are many ways to bring the data to them. Collect the sediment samples yourself with photos and water velocity information OR use the Suspended Sediment Database to draw your conclusions. This USGS database provides stream flow and sediment information for over 1,500 rivers and creeks nationwide (see the Going Further section for more information on using the USGS’s database).


Creek Survey
Students collecting data at the creek.



Can describe the major types of sediment.
Can explain how sediment size and current velocity affects deposition.
Can create a hypothesis and make predictions of what to expect from experimental data based on prior knowledge.
Can make observations and record data in a science lab notebook.
Can use their own observations and data draw logical conclusions.

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