5. Identifying Forces

Given seven drawings depicting motion, students will be able to correctly identify, describe, and indicate direction and relative magnitude of three to five forces in each.

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4. Types of Forces

Given a textbook passage on forces, students will be able to organize the passage's information into a graphic organizer and teach the information to other students.

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3. Friction Lab

Given lab equipment, students will be able to measure force required to pull baby shoes and identify factors that make pulling easier or harder.

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Forces and Motion Box Block Plan

Lesson 1: Introduction to forces
Students complete an anticipation guide, using prior knowledge to predict whether statements like “A rock thrown in space will keep going forever” are true or false.  

Lesson 2: Types of forces (informal)

Newtonian Vehicle

What understandings or goals would be assessed through this task?

•    Students will identify the forces acting on a self-propelled vehicle and explain how the motion of the vehicle demonstrates Newton’s laws.

Through what authentic performance task will students demonstrate understanding?

Task overview:

Forces and Motion - Assessment Ideas

Performance tasks:

  • Other-worldly sports – Students create a poster illustrating how their favorite sport might look on a planet of their choosing, explaining how differences in gravity and atmosphere could affect the forces on players of the sport and sports equipment

Movie Worksheet Search Engine/Website

A great list by subject for videos, including worksheets! The Super Size Me worksheet even has before AND after questions.

Recommened Videos

Please click "Add Child Page" to recommend videos to show in a science classroom. Please include the following info: (and attach study guide please if you have it!)

 - Title

 - Distributor (PBS, National Geographic, etc.)

 - Where found (Berkeley Unified Digital Library, Explo Library, Blockbuster, Netflix, Etc.)

 - Science Concept Targeted (DNA ethics, volcanoes, Bad Science)

Generic Sub Plans

When I suddenly fall ill, or otherwise don't want to take 10 hours to plan a sub lesson, I usually go online to and plug in some vocab words for some puzzles (they have some pre-made banks of words also!)

I make four puzzles using the exact same list of words. I usually start them with the word search (even non-readers can do this!) then go on to word scramble, then crossword. This because they need to know the words pretty well by the time they get to the crossword - also, the word search has the word bank on it.