1. Human Traits - Assessment


  1. Collect Traits Survey forms.
  2. Collect lab notebooks with students’ summary tables and graphs.
  3. Give students a data set for a trait like height or SAT scores and ask them to generate a histogram independently.

Going Further

  1. Enter into a more serious discussion of Mendelian genetics and the allele combinations that determine various traits. See Making Babies lab for a one potential way to lead this discussion.
  2. Have students to compare one population to another. Are the adults surveyed different than the kids? Ask a nearby school (or different classroom within the same school) to conduct the same survey and compare your results. Another way to investigate this type of information is through the CIESE Collaborative Project. They have compiled a very large database of population genetic information from schools around the world concerning the following traits: earlobe attachment, white forelock, dimples, hitchhikers thumb, bent pinkie, mid digit hair. Their database may be downloaded in Excel format from their website.