2. Watersheds and Wetlands

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Wetlands book: First page of a 6th grade student's book on wetlands, written and shared with the 4th grade class.Wetlands book: First page of a 6th grade student's book on wetlands, written and shared with the 4th grade class. Cardstock paper, water spray bottles, markers and sponges are turned into models of wetlands and watersheds in this simple activity. Students follow the path of the water (and urban runoff) to a bay and develop an initial understanding of what watersheds are. Then some students add sponges to the borders of their bay to simulate wetlands and compare watersheds with wetlands to those without. Students extrapolate the role of watersheds as reservoirs in times of drought, as sponges in times of flood, and as filters for pollution. Finally, students compare watersheds with wetlands to those without after a “toxic chemical spill” (Koolaid drink mix) to see the effects of pollution throughout the watershed as well as to discover the role of wetlands in reducing the harm of severe pollutants to a bay. This series of activities is an excellent prelude for a wetlands restoration field trip (see the Save the Bay field trip planning guide) so that after learning what wetlands are, they can explore and restore a wetland area firsthand. Another extension and application of these ideas might be an exploration of the students’ own watershed, the effects of urban runoff and watershed protection.

Can define wetlands and watersheds.
Can look at a 3-dimensional model and identify different watersheds.
Can explain how runoff carries water, sediments (from natural areas), and pollution (from urban areas) to rivers, bays and oceans.
Can understand that an event in a watershed affects all downstream areas.
Can describe some of the many important roles wetlands serve in an ecosystem.


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