2. Watersheds and Wetlands - Assessments


  1. The Watershed and Wetlands Questions can be used as an assessment tool.
  2. Have students create a flyer that encourages other students to do something to help their watershed. Post them around the classroom or around school.

Going Further

  1. Have students research the use of constructed wetlands as an alternative wastewater treatment option and present their findings on posters. The Water Resources Research Center at the University of Arizona offers some excellent information as does the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.
  2. Go on a field trip to a wetland! Even better, do some restoration work there. For one idea, see the Save the Bay Field trip.
  3. Delve into a case study of how wetlands form, how they are destroyed, and what the effects of wetland destruction are. Research your local area or investigate the wetlands of Louisiana and their role in the Hurricane Katrina disaster. See the Katrina Case Study lesson.